At Home in Minnesota

Seventy-two one foot square tiles were installed this past summer in the entrance to the new Veterans Center on Harmon Place in Minneapolis. This work was selected by employees of the Veterans Administration from proposals put forward by a small … Read more

Veterans Art Exhibit Inver Hills CC

One of the largest student veteran communities is at Inver Hills Community College. Through their Club V.A.L.O.R. and Women Warriors, they have partnered with us to present a joint art exhibit at the IHCC Gallery in the Fine Arts Building. … Read more

Telling: Minnesota

A superb theater experience out of New York will be back in Minnesota at the Guthrie Theater in March 2015. Writer Jonathan Wei and Director Max Rayneard will lead selected local veterans to organize and tell their military stories. There … Read more

Art Exhibition in St Paul

In the spirit of the St Paul Art Crawl, Oct 11 & 12, the Alliance Bank Center has generously donated a large space to exhibit some of the work we’ve been doing. There will be several accomplished paintings, woodblock prints, … Read more

Turning Points Exhibit

Our wonderful and even profound exhibit of “Turning Points” will be on display for six weeks (May 25 – July 6) at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, 2315 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404. There will be a special reception on … Read more

Summer Painting Class

Join us on Friday mornings at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design as we gather to learn more about painting. We will have the same wonderful teacher as we did last year. Click on Art Classes for more information. … Read more

Turning Points Installation

We want to welcome you to our big event at the Open Book Center on Saturday, April 12th. Twelve life size steles have been constructed to represent “turning points” in our life stories as veterans. It was an awesome project … Read more

Creating Turning Points

We at Veterans in the Arts are counting on your military experience. You know how to work closely as a team to accomplish a mission. This is ours – to create objects that signify something important to ourselves. Carefully led … Read more

Veteran Art Retreat

From May 19-24, 2014 at the Villa Marie Retreat Center in Red Wing, MN. This is an extraordinary opportunity to join with 40 fellow veterans on a week long arts experience. Organized by the Red Wing Arts Association as part … Read more

Bells Ringing For Peace

In the spirit of the 1918 Armistice Bells, several veterans collaborated with sculptor Gita Ghei on a winter long project to design and cast large brass bells. They are awesome. The project was sponsored by Veterans for Peace. Come join … Read more


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